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Voters in battleground states say the economy is a top issue

Voters’ impressions of how good each presidential candidate is for the economy could determine the outcome of the 2024 presidential election.

In Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are locked in tense battlesmost voters said the economy will be a major factor in deciding who to vote for, according to a poll from CBS News and YouGov.

In Michigan, 80% of voters say the economy is a top issue for them, followed by 77% of voters who say inflation is. Seventy-two percent of voters identified the state of democracy as one of the issues most important to them. Biden currently has a narrow lead over Trump in the state.

In both Pennsylvania and Washington, 80% of voters similarly named the economy as one of the issues that interest them most in this election.

Other topics lower in the rankings included the candidates’ positions on gun policy, crime, the U.S.-Mexico border and abortion.

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“It’s so clear that the economy remains a central issue, but how people interpret the economy, the issues they want to address to deal with their own economic situations — these are complicated questions with complicated answers,” CBS News’ editorial said. – and campaign correspondent Robert. Coast.

About 6 in 10 people questioned by CBS News said they rated the economy as “fairly poor” or “very poor,” despite economic measures such as low unemployment, rising wages and a resilient stock market, which indicate a strong American economy.

That could pose a challenge for Democrats who, according to Costa, would like to get “that Labor voter, the union member” to vote Democratic and ahead of Trump.

“They know that those working voters sometimes hear the cry of the Trump campaign and its message on immigration. And it can be attractive to those voters, which is why Democrats are really trying to focus on the economy by focusing on labor. Costa said.

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